Monday, April 13, 2009

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Last T-Ball game!!

The last T-ball game!  Great day, great game... everybody won (only when you are 5 and under, right? )  We had a blast and will miss our Saturday morning games... thank you to all who organized our little "league"   I do have a short video clip to come... so, if you are just so addicted to this mindboggling fabulous blog of mine, try back soon.... I know all 3 people who look once a month, will just be counting down the seconds, right?  Hee-hee!  But, really, that and I've got Disneyland photos and ANOTHER surprise visit from the Bradshaws... they're everywhere these days!  Yeah!   Still no video of Peter actually flying, but the trips are getting longer and the stories are getting better... someday I promise, so look, there are three reasons right there to tune back in soon!   Come on, you know you want to! HAH!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bradshaw's Surprise Visit!

On Monday my sister Michelle called and said they decided to take a family vacation to get out of the bad weather, either Hawii or Phoenix,  Chance of rain in Hawii, so 3 hours later they were here!   Funny!  Tuesday we hit the zoo.  And then met Peter for lunch at Joe's Farm and Grill.... one of our favorite lunch/dinner places with loads of kids.  But, the real news of the day is Peter had just come from his first solo flight!  I have NO photos, so in my blog world it is almost like it really didn't happen, right? But, stay tuned for some amazing video someday... he now has his student license and is over half way finished.  Before this spring he will be moving on to his instrument rating and all sorts of plans for a lifetime of adventure in the air.   (really all this means, is we need to prepare now, when Ethan turns 16 he won't ask for a car, no, now he will ask for a plane to match...or beat...his dads)  But, check back in from time to time... I'll get some pics you won't want to miss! 

Don't get tooo dizzy...... this is the only clip of the day to share!   

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Failure to launch.... haha!

Hey, u-tube disabled the audio on the sky dive clip... so, give me time to figure this out.... I'll re-post it again ..... in its full glory!   HaHA!  Any techno-super gurus out there have any ideas I'm open.  I just added any song I could think of to replace the origional... which is much better... oh well.. I'm open!  Actually, its still funny to watch even w/out any sound...  just maybe skip around in it... play count the times she sticks her tongue out or something?  I don't know have fun!  I know I did!  hee-hee

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What is up with the tongue?

So, don't judge me.... just laugh.... this is even halarious to me....  It was my 2nd skydive... AND NOT MY LAST!  It is the most amazing fun... soooooo great!   I have no idea what my tongue is doing.  Apparently I'm 1/2 giraffe, and I never knew it.   Yes, I know, my tongue is out of control....   I would sooooooo DOOOO THIS AGAIN!!!!!   Any takers?   Lets talk.... AT 2 miles up!    On a side note, sorry this is soooo long, I couldn't edit it, they copyrighted it, so you've got to watch the whole thing, the good, the bad, and the ugly!    And, the skydive guys face totally cracks me up!   What a funny job, you know?   Strap yourself to a bunch of adrenaline junkies and throw them out of a plane?   What a life!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spring concert/ and a mohawk baby

so here is a clip from the concert.  These kids are so cute and so funny.
Monday Mohawk Madness!  So, Ethan's dream come true!  He always wants to wear his hair in a mohawk, (not our idea) but, Monday was mix-up Monday at school.... notice the shirt is inside out and the shoes are different.  But, the BEST part he talked me into a mohawk for mix-up day. I helped in his class that day and found out Wednesday is Weird Hair-day.  Bet you can't guess what he'll pick.... hmmmm?

Tonight was Ethan's class spring concert.  Here he is just before we left... and even better, ice cream after its over!  It was sooo darling, I bawled the whole time, however, I'm a big softie, so that doesn't mean much.  But, all of those kids, they just filled that room with JOY!  I love helping in his class and just being around all of those sweet innocent faces... it just puts me in such a good place.  You know?  And, a special thank you to Grandma, Grandpa, Debbie, Paige, Tana, and Laynee for coming with us and making the night just that much more fun!!!!